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~ Biography ~

momdadboys The Chrisagis Brothers, Brian & Shawn, are identical twins who are kown for their wholesome family entertaiment and fun. Nationally, they are loved for the inspiring life story about God's Miracle Healing Power. Born 3 months pre-mature, they spent the first 2 years of their lives in incubators after tests revealed they had life threatening allergies to nearly everything. For the next 5 years they never left their home due to their extreme allergies. When they were 7, their mother learned about the power of prayer. She was healed of a debilitating heart condition and then prayed for her sons who were instantly healed and set free. As a result, Brian and Shawn are both ordained ministers who have devoted their lives to sharing their powerful testimony and God's Love through their music and creativitiy. They have 10 successful CD's to their credit. Their CD "Playing With Life & Death" was so successful that they were the first Christian artist to be on MTV with their music. In 2015, the brothers won Best Christian Duo in the Extraordinary People Awards. This was not the first time Brian and Shawn were recongized for their powerful Christian music. Every CD they have recorded since 2010 has been nominated by the AMG Heritage Awards including Best Duo, Song of the Year, Best Male Vocalist, Best Group and Best CD for 'Ransom','Conversations with God' and 'I Believe in Christmas'. They also recieved a Pre-Grammy Nomination for 'Ransom'. The brothers believe that 'Ransom' is one of the greatest musical offereings because each song is a powerhouse for the Kingdom of God. Their 2015 Christmas CD, 'I Believe in Christmas' is already considered a classic
with beautiful, all new songs written by some of the best, award winning songwriters in Christian music today. The 2019 release ' The Color of Love' CD has already become a best seller with many saying it is their best ever with songs that are not only beautiful but touch hearts and lives with the message of God's Love.

The Chrisagis Brothers have done a lot in their ministry through the years including a children's TV series, a puppet ministry, done many TV variety shows, designed a children's plush toy line called Good News Toys with books that teach character building skills to children. They also designed an indoor children's playground which is at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsvile, OH. The twins have appeared on nearly every Christian TV network, Christian Talk Shows, Christian Radio Shows and in many Christian Magazines. They were on the TV show 'Candid Camera', on MTV and seen in 'Star' magazine, 'Soap Opera Digest', 'The Enquirer' and 'Most Eligible' all for their Christian music ministry which has touched lives worldwide. The Chrisagis Brothers have worked with and been seen with some of the entertainments biggest names such as Jaclyn Smith, Lindsay Wagner, Erik Estrada, Loni Anderson, Jennifer O'Neill, Jack Scalia, and Suzanne Sommers. Brian and Shawn have also performed on stage with Christian Music's Top Artists including Russ Taff, Evie, Scott Wesley Brown, Dino Kartsonakis, Michael English, Wayne Watson, Rambo/McGuire, David Meece, John Schlitt, Leon Patillo, Bruce Carroll, Steve Camp, Dave Boyer, Farrell and Farrell, Steve Archer, Stephanie Booshada, Bonnie Keen, Adam Crabb, Wes Hampton, and Angela Primm

In 2014, The Chrisagis Brothers did a TV reality pilot for the A&E Network called 'Saved By The Brothers'. In 2019 they filmed another TV pilot for Rossetti Productions called ' Double Occupancy'. They had a thriving YouTube Channel with over 500 videos and nearly a million views. In late 2018 it was hacked and all the content was deleted. Unable to get any help from YouTube and Google, they have created a new channel and are slowly uploading the videos they still have. They have created both Men's and Women's Conferences, the LEGENDS concerts, and have written books and Christian movie scripts. Their book 'Legacy of Love' chronicles their family story and their incredible healing testimony. They had their own weekly Christian Radio show called 'It's A God Thing' heard by millions. Their guests included Cheryl Ladd, Loni Anderson, Joe Penny, Rev.Richard Roberts, Pat Boone, Lucie Arnaz, Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen, Cristina Farrare, Mark Steines, Kym Douglas, and Michael Burger and many others who shared how faith played a part in their lives.

The Brothers do all this while keeping up with their busy tour schedule that has them booked throughout the United States. They have just released two new CDs back to back and critics say these CDs may be two of the best independent CDs in the Christian Music world for this decade. The Color of Love was the first release and were up for best CD, song of the year, and the Brothers were up for best duo. The CD is a different more mature Chrisagis Brothers and the songs are where they are in their journey today... Songs like Only Passing By, Trapeze, The Way of the Cross, Balm In Gilead, Middle of The Road, He Wrote It In Red, and Somebody's Praying for You are sure to become classics for a generation. It was so popular that the Chrisagis Brothers immediately were in the Studio recording perhaps their best CD yet, called Let Heaven Overflow. The CD was released July 31st, 2021 with the biggest celebration from Hollywood's biggest stars and iconic legends like Loni Anderson, Erik Estrada and Lindsay Wagner. This made headlines world wide and had stories on TV Land, Netflix, HBO, and every Christian TV Network. The CD has songs like 'If Heaven Had A Phone, Rise Up, How Far, and Wake Up To You Jesus' that have become hit singles already. In 2021 the Brothers created a new type of Christian Concert with Hollywood Legends joining them every few months to bring a variety type show with inspiration and love to this world that truly needs it. You can see The Chrisagis Brothers are a strong end time ministry that is here to stay.
Chrisagis Brothers & Jaclyn Smith